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FAAC International


FAAC International is a wholly owned subsidiary of the FAAC Group which is a large international industrial group headquartered in Bologna, Italy. FAAC Group is a global leader in the industry with more than 2,400 people employed in 6 continents. Our goal is to improve the quality of life and safety of our customers by automating and simplifying daily actions through innovative and functional devices for vehicular and pedestrian access applications within residential, commercial and industrial markets.


FAAC International represents three of the FAAC Group brands, as follows:




FAAC is a global leader in the Access Automation business, creating automated gate operators, bollards, automatic barriers, and automatic door openers for residential, commercial, and industrial uses.


FAAC, opened their first US subsidiary in Cheyenne, WY in 1988. In 2008 FAAC opened their east coast operation in Jacksonville, FL and then in 2009 opened their west coast operation in Fullerton, CA after phasing out the original Cheyenne location. In 2012 FAAC Group acquired Magnetic AutoControl and in 2013, moved from Jacksonville, FL to Rockledge, FL where both brands are now headquartered. The west coast operations are still in Fullerton, CA.


Magnetic AutoControl


Magnetic AutoControl is a global leader in the Access Control business, pioneering vehicle and pedestrian access control solutions. Best in class reliability, functionality and user-adjustability, as well as a market leading safety solutions, provide the customers that extra security. Hence Magnetics’ motto: “Access to Progress!”


Magnetic Autocontrol, headquartered in Germany, opened their first US subsidiary in Sarasota, FL in 1990. In 1997 Magnetic acquired Parking Automation Corp and moved to Rockledge, FL into the purpose built facility we reside in today. As stated above, in 2012 FAAC Group acquired Magnetic AutoControl.



Viking Access Systems


Viking Access is a leader in high quality, innovative gate operators which use the same core control technology across the family – making the product range relatively easy to understand and apply across our market. We are committed to providing safety and convenience with innovative solutions for every security gate need.


Viking Access Systems was founded in 2003 in Irvine, CA. In 2019 FAAC International acquired Viking Access Systems, and Viking remains in Irvine, CA.




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